Pipeline Integrity

We go far beyond the inline inspection scope and include pipeline integrity management support.



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PIPECARE provides information on pipeline condition to clients and supports them in making maximum use of it to ensure the pipeline integrity is managed effectively.

Pipeline integrity is an essential aspect of asset management, and we recognize it through the provision of the following services to pipeline owners and operators:

- Stretching from a simplified evaluation of the pipeline for operational/design requirements to corrosion growth estimations using computer modelling and simulation programs

- Installation of and support for Pipeline Data Management Systems (PDMS) for total control, monitoring and recording the pipeline condition

Fitness-For-Purpose assessment reports include the assessment of the available pipeline data as subject to Level II assessment using specialised software tools to determine the remaining life as well as cost-effective and safe operating scenarios. The report also includes the corrosion growth rate of critical anomalies and the susceptibility of anomalies to cluster formation. We perform the assessment based on API 579 requirements.

We are happy to announce that PIPECARE Canada has been acquired by PIPECARE Group AG.