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PIPECARE is your preferred Oil&Gas partner of choice when it comes to Pipeline Integrity Management and Safe Operations. We provide the most accurate and reliable ILI technologies including crack inspection.

Our compromise is zero leakage therefore we focus on achieving the highest levels of industry standards and have a very dedicated team who go above and beyond for our clients.

PIPECARE provides In-Line Inspection services to the oil & gas industry, that enables pipeline operators to monitor and assess the condition of their pipelines and apply adequate maintenance and repair strategies.

With our customer-oriented approach, we aim at assisting all pipeline operators to execute their inspection projects safely, on-time, and on budget by deploying the latest advanced technologies.


Quality pre-inspection cleaning and gauging are paramount for a successful ILI tool run. PIPECARE offers pre-inspection cleaning and gauging services.
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Our cleaning and gauging pigs can be equipped with low-frequency transmitters.

We provide data loggers that record temperature, absolute and differential pressure and acceleration. In addition to temperature and pressure profiles, these data help determine locations of restrictions and debris deposits.


PIPECARE provides geometry inspection services based on caliper technology for pipeline sizes from 3’’ to 56’’ a large fleet of Caliper inspection tools is available to support our clients where they need it and when they need it.

We equip measurement arms with individual sensors independent from each other and each having a separate signal channel.

Mechanical measurement arms are in direct contact with the pipe wall and cover 360° of pipe circumference.

We can do ILI tool run comparisons that are highly recommended for baseline surveys. This is a perfect reference system for future inspection data synchronization.


PIPECARE provides MFL inspection services for pipelines with nominal diameters from 3” to 24” in North America. We provide pipeline operators with invaluable pipeline condition information which supports improving safety, environmental and economic performance.

Providing pipeline operators with pipeline metal loss information helping to improve safety, environmental, and economic performance.

Latest generation MFL Tools – “True High-Resolution” systems. These tools are equipped with measurement systems based on the highest resolution.

We are a member of ComplyWorks and ISNetworld and have passed the required qualifications to be an accredited member.

Our integrity support helps to avoid production and consequential losses caused by pipeline failures.


Longitudinal weld anomalies and narrow axial internal and external corrosion pose a serious integrity threat to pipeline systems. PIPECARE's TFI tools apply the MFL technology in transverse (circumferential) direction to detect and size such anomalies.

Reliable detection and sizing of metal loss – and narrow longitudinally-oriented crack-like anomalies.

Tools can negotiate 1.5D radius bends and magnetize heavy wall thickness.

TFI tool can be run as a standalone tool or in combination with other inspection technologies, such as MFL, UT, geometry, and mapping.


PIPECARE's ultrasonic metal loss inspection tools work based on the direct measurement principle. UT ensures quantitative wall thickness measurements, superior detection, and sizing of metal loss anomalies, laminations, and inclusions.

Very few inspection companies provide UT In-Line Inspection services, and PIPECARE is among them.

Equipped with arrays of UT transducers covering 360° of the pipe circumference and thus the measurement system not only measures the remaining pipe wall but also sizing the length and width of anomalies.


Our ultrasonic crack detection solutions focus mainly on liquid product pipelines, such as oil, petroleum products, water, free from gas ingress or homogeneous liquid. In case of gas pipelines, it is possible through liquid batching to adapt the process performance and provide accurate data collection and reporting.

Our tools have a modular design which is an approach that subdivides a system into smaller parts called modules that can be independently created and then used in different systems.

Our tool design uses the same UTCD sensor path for tools ranging between 12” to 32” with both longitudinal and circumferential options.


Our EMAT Inspection Tool is fully developed in-house and expands our ILI capabilities for crack and crack-like detection without liquid couplant. EMAT augments the UTCD inspection methods in pipelines and will add value to the integrity assessment of your gas pipelines.

No need for a liquid couplant and a unique added value over UTCD method.

A unique added value over Direct Voltage Gradient ( DCVG) method. The testing data collected by the EMAT confirms to the POF 2016 and the Tool Performance Specifications.


Our Research and Development centre has developed the services we are providing to the industry worldwide. Thus, we own the technology solutions and services we offer as well as the equipment and software we operate.




We are happy to announce that PIPECARE Canada has been acquired by PIPECARE Group AG.